The true face of nicotine salt

Recently, nicotine salt is getting hot in the market,why? Sales staff will give a very professional answer: because you can put a higher mg of nicotine in your juice without it making it harsh and also salt based nicotine will get into your system quicker through a nicotine hit that makes any sense…..
But no one told you exactly how nicotine salt came from?
What is the composition of nicotine salt?
What is the harm of nicotine salt?
Nicotine in its natural state is found in tobacco in the form of salt. However, nicotine salts available on the market cannot be obtained
directly from the tobacco leaves. Nicotine salt is synthetic,which is used for e-liquids are made by adding different acids to the freebase nicotine.
For example, Nic Salt-S,Nic Salt-B…
Let’s start with Nic Salt-S.
Nic salt-S is made by 54.01% freebase nicotine and 45.99% Salicylic acid,which CAS number is 29790-52-1.As we all know, salicylic acid can be used as a drug and food additive, but it must reach at EP and USP standards . That is, its concentration must be greater than 99%, otherwise it cannot be ingested by the human body. If less than 99.9% of salicylic acid is used, it is harm to the human body.
The harm of Nic Salt-B is same as Nic Salt-S,which is made by 57.05% freebase nicotine and 42.95% Salicylic acid.The concentration of Nic Salt-B is also not reach at EP and USP standards , it is harm to the human body.
So as not to harm our bodies,we better use USP standard nicotine, it is also enjoyable and safe.Xi’an TAIMA supply best freebase Nicotine,which concentration is 99.99%, you can use it at ease.