Black Rice Protein


1. Increases Weight Loss
2. Reduces Glycemic Response
3. Improves Liver Function

Factory Price Sprouted Black Rice Protein Powder

Rice protein powder is a nutritional supplement that can be added to a variety of meals or drinks to boost protein levels. It is produced by isolating the proteins from brown, white or whole grain rice and is an excellent alternative to other protein powders, such as whey. Rice protein powder is good for body builders, vegetarians and anyone suffering from gastrointestinal problems.



1. Increases Weight Loss
2. Reduces Glycemic Response
3. Improves Liver Function


4. Regulates Cholesterol
5. Benefit for Heart and Kidney Health
6. Hypoallergenic and Easy to Digest


1. It is a kind of nutritional intensify additive,can enhance the immunity, disease prevention of the livestocks.
2. Increasing breeding or laying rate of the livestocks and poultry, while keep the meat tasty and increase nutritional value.
3. It can effectively increase the nucleic acid metabolism, and promote protein synthesis,and increase the body functions and sexual function.
4. As a nutrient for multi-vitamin drink, instant drink, cereals, confectionary etc.
1.Anti-aging effect.
2. The anti-fatigue effect.
3. Protect the reproductive.
4. Improve cardiovascular.
5. Hairdressing action.
6. Treatment of gastric ulcer.

1. Food additives.
2. Medicine.
3. Cosmetics.
4. Feed additive supplement.
5. As antioxidant.
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Company Information:
Xi’an Taima Biological Co., LTD. was founded in 2008, is a technological export-oriented private enterprise with the Rights of Self-Managed Import and Export, specializing in active ingredients modernized and industrialization research, development, production, and sales of natural medical botany.
Our factory covers an area of 6,000 square meters equipped with advanced equipment and the production process is in accordance with FDA.

Q1: Could you provide free sample for test?
A1: We can provide you free sample for test, and you only need to pay the delivery cost.
Q2: Which payment terms do you accept?
A2: T/T, West Union, Paypal and Escrow service are available. But different payment terms against countries.
Q3: What’s about the MOQ ?
A3: It depends on different products. Usually our MOQ is 1 kg.
Q4: What’s the delivery lead time?
A4: We will make delivery within 3-7 days after receiving payment.
Q5: What about the delivery port?
A5: Main ports in China are available.