1. It has very high cold taste activity, no bitterness and pungency of menthol, no side effects such as burning, numbness and irritation. It can produce more impact, fresh and lasting aroma by acting on the whole oral mucosa and larynx respectively.

2. Continuous high temperature of 200 C will not affect the cooling strength of the product.

3. Coolness can last more than 30 minutes, and it is rich in coolness.

4. It can solve the difficulty of developing bad taste products and make them more pleasant and cool.

5. Low dosage, recommended dosage of 30-100 ppm;

6. Usage: The products are mainly used as refrigerants in medicine, oral care products, food, beverage, tobacco, cosmetics and candy. In combination with essence, it has good compatibility and synergistic effect, and the effect of aroma enhancement is remarkable. It provides a better choice of raw materials for new refreshing products in food, daily chemical and pharmaceutical industries.